Red Flags & Indicators

Do you suspect someone—even you— is in a dangerous situation?

Read these red flags and indications of abuse. If these apply to you or someone you know, go to the Resources page or contact 911 to get help right away.

Signs of an Abuser

  • Accompanying person does not allow the client to speak or corrects them.
  • Client seems fearful or submissive towards the accompanying person.
  • Client does not make eye contact toward accompanying person.
  • Accompanying person is in control of the client's ID or money.
  • Client receives and sends an excessive amount of calls or texts.

Red Flags

  • Scripted personal stories
  • Seemingly fake ID
  • Unable to give home address
  • Does not know current city
  • Carrying large amounts of cash
  • Appears younger than stated age
  • Multiple cell phones
  • Paying with prepaid cards
  • Using language related to "the game" or "the life"

Physical Indicators

  • Signs of physical trauma or injury
  • Extreme stress
  • Unusual infections such as tuberculosis or immunizable diseases
  • Signs of malnourishment, lack of medical care or sleep deprivation.
  • Bruises in various stages of healing.

Common Tattoos

  • Barcodes
  • "Daddy"
  • Names
  • "Property of"
  • Dollar Signs
  • Sexually Explicit words or art
  • Possibly gang-affiliated symbols
  • Crown with initials
  • Very visible: hands, neck, chest, face.

These red flags and warning signs may not indicate a trafficking situation but if you feel someone is in imminent danger, call 911. If you feel it may be safer to report anonymously, see the report tab in this app for several options.